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Credit Education Centre

Welcome to TransCan Leasing’s

Credit Education Centre.

Here you’ll discover a selection of resources which are designed to help you attain a good credit score. That’s because a good credit score is necessary if you want to tackle bankruptcy and car loans. Our mission is to help you get back on your feet after bankruptcy. That’s why we have programs such as our auto lease program. In addition, employees at TransCan Leasing have experience working with people looking to improve their credit score. As a result, our education centre will provide you with advice and knowledge. That way you can take control of your finances.

Below you will find a brief description of each of the resources available to you. 

Transcan Credit Education Centre for Bankruptcy and Car Loans

Money Management & Organization

Money management and organization is a key part of retaining an ideal credit score. This includes building a budget, managing debt, investing, tracking your expenses, and maximizing your income. By staying organized you can save yourself time and money.


Loans are an essential part of building credit. They provide you with the ability to purchase big ticket items like real estate and vehicles. Learning how to successfully manage a loan is a big part of staying financially healthy.

Credit iQ

Another valuable asset in maintaining financial stability is understanding what credit is, and what goes into a good credit score. Things like credit reports, how to check your credit score, reporting agencies, and why credit is important, are all necessary to your success.

Protecting Your Credit

Detecting theft and fraud can save you from going into financial trouble. In this section we will go through how you can identify theft and fraud, and how you can monitor this in order to prevent being taken advantage of.

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For additional information on how to bolster your credit score and maintain financial health, contact us at TransCan Leasing today.

We look forward to helping Canadians get back on track with their finances. If you have any further inquiries about a topic not covered here, feel free to reach out at any time.