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Our Mission

With caring and integrity, we will assist clients struggling with financial issues, including bankruptcy and proposal. We help to rebuild their credit by providing quality transportation at fair rates.

Our Program

Lenders typically require three years of good auto payment history before offering attractive credit options – Nothing builds your credit faster! The TCL Program was designed exclusively to provide quality transportation at fair rates to get you back on the road and put your financial struggles in the rear view mirror.

What We Do

This is our ONLY business. We have virtually no limit to the number of vehicle leases we can accommodate, and we have hundreds of vehicles to choose from.

All Clients Pay 11.9% Interest

What our customers say about us


• Lowest Interest Rates
• You only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use
• Flexible Contract Term Lengths
• You only pay tax on the portion of the vehicle you use
• Payments from as Low as $300/mo

Credit Education

We help you understand how credit should work for you, and hot it can save you money, and secure your future!


For the latest trends in leasing, or to learn more about TCL. Please access our blog below.

Meet the team behind our work

Greg Carter

Vice President

Brad Cruickshank

Chief Financial Officer

Anne Kolodynski

Sales Manager/Lease Administrator

Patricia Van Heerden


Andrew Jonescu

Auto Finance Specialist

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Why TransCan Leasing?

TransCan Leasing Corp. (TCL) came about because of a giant void in the Canadian Auto Lending industry. The good part is that our banks are solid and well capitalized; the bad part is that there are not vary many of them – hence no competition. The same can be said for Auto Lease companies. I […]

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29 JUL 2014 admin 0

Truck / SUV / Car Affordable Payments

TransCan Leasing Corp – WOW! What an awesome company to deal with!!  My husband Jon and I, were referred to Greg Carter and have had the pleasure of dealing with not only Greg but his wonderful co-worker Anne Kolodynski and Curtis Carter.   My husband and I unfortunately fell on difficult financial times due to […]

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03 JUN 2014 admin 0

Credit Education

Unless one can figure out another way, without credit it is difficult to manage with some of the most frequently needed expenses encountered in our day to day lives; purchasing a home, furniture, cars, university or college education, cell phones or internet access to name just a few. Almost every lender will use your credit […]

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09 SEP 2013 admin 0