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What We Do

A Leasing Program Tailored To Your Unique Circumstances.

This is our ONLY business. We have virtually no limit to the number of vehicle leases we can accommodate, and we have hundreds of vehicles to choose from.

Our lease rate is 11.9% for every customer (we don’t gouge someone just because we can).

We will take trades, and if a customer is including their vehicle in bankruptcy or proposal and giving it back, they simply leave it with us and we handle it for them.

These items and more are what separate us from the only other people that will talk to customers in bankruptcy or proposal.


With almost 50% of customers in bankruptcy, proposal, or facing credit challenges in need of a vehicle, our unique program is specifically designed to help.   When followed properly, our process affords our clients the opportunity to have quality transportation at great rates, while restoring their credit.  In fact, should you complete our program, you should have repaired your car payment history to the point that you will qualify for some of the best finance rates in the marketplace.

For those facing financial challenges, just by coming to our site, you have taken the first step!  It’s not just about “filing”, you need to re-build your credit, and nothing accomplishes that faster than 36 months of perfect payments on vehicle financing.  If you don’t re-establish your credit after filing, you are just kicking the can down the road.

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