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Our Program

… Is Filling A Giant Void In Canadian Lending.

We want to be part of your solution – not your problem

With almost 50% of customers in bankruptcy or proposal in need of a vehicle – whether it’s a change of needs, getting rid of negative equity, reducing payments or just building car payment history, our Program can help!

The TransCan Leasing Program was designed exclusively to provide quality transportation at very attractive rates to maximize your car payment history!

Lenders want to see re-establishment after bankruptcy or proposal. Many trustees or debt consultants would suggest that debtors get a car loan before filing, or keep the vehicle they had prior to filing even if it was a bad vehicle, or they owed much more than it was worth.


In a bankruptcy or proposal you can include your vehicle and loan to get away from bad financing, bad vehicle or negative equity.

If you make a payment after filing, then relinquish your vehicle, it’s shown as a re-possession after filing and could make good financing options difficult for a long time.

We meet clients every day that have spent 2-5 years completing their bankruptcy or proposal perfectly and feel like they have paid their penalty, only to go out to acquire a vehicle and still experience bad service and exorbitant interest rates as high as 25-35%.


Until now, they never had the opportunity to re-establish their car payment history.

Invariably the customer is left with a difficult decision as soon as their vehicle breaks down, as is most often the case. Do they fix the vehicle, or do they make their payment? Unfortunately, if they don’t fix the vehicle they can’t get to work – if they don’t make the payment, they may have ruined their car credit history for years to come.

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