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Our Mission

With caring and integrity, we will assist clients struggling with financial issues, including bankruptcy and proposal. We help to rebuild their credit by providing quality transportation at fair rates.

Have you been told you can’t get financed on a vehicle while in bankruptcy or proposal?


Is your current payment too high?

Do you owe more on it than it’s worth?

Do you feel trapped in your current vehicle loan with no way out?


TCL provides something that was not previously offered before to the Canadian Marketplace.  Led by an ownership group with decades of experience in the auto industry, we have developed an organization you can trust to find solutions to your vehicle needs, even to those with credit challenges.



A loan taken out before filing for proposal or discharge from bankruptcy does nothing to re-establish your credit. The payments made will do nothing to raise your score.

If you make a payment after filing for your bankruptcy or proposal, you have re-affirmed the debt, and must keep your vehicle payment current or face re-possession.

 If you are filing for bankruptcy or proposal, you can include your current vehicle and get relief from a bad vehicle, bad financing or negative equity.

Until now, people either in, or discharged from bankruptcy or proposal had options for car loans at 25% – 35% interest rates with a large down payment, and maybe an older vehicle with a likelihood of costly future repairsWe have clients that were forced to pay 29.9% interest rates for their auto loans years after their discharge because they never re-established their auto payment history.

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