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How you can lease a car after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Loans,Loans after Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Car Loan

Here at TransCan Leasing we have many clients that face credit challenges, have had no reasonable options to acquire new transportation, and restore their auto payment credit history. But not anymore.

Purchasing or leasing a car after bankruptcy can be tough, but it’s not impossible. We have a system that will work right for you, and help you get moving in that new vehicle. The purpose of our lease program is to provide you with options instead of obligations. We also carry the risk for the term of the lease.

TransCan Leasing provides you with the best way to re-establish your car payment history. We focus on leasing vehicles within your price range, that meet your needs, and often have remaining manufacturer warranty.

Bankruptcy Loans,Loans after Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Car LoanWe have access to hundreds of vehicles and all different types of vehicles from Cars, SUV’s, Trucks and many more, and we have virtually no limit to the number of vehicle leases we can accommodate.

We do have a quick and simple internal credit check – just so we know who you are, where you live, where you work, and your monthly available cash flow. But once that is complete we can get you on your way!

For more information and how you can get started in leasing a car after bankruptcy, contact TransCan Leasing today!

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