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Truck / SUV / Car Affordable Payments

TransCan Leasing Corp – WOW! What an awesome company to deal with!!  My husband Jon and I, were referred to Greg Carter and have had the pleasure of dealing with not only Greg but his wonderful co-worker Anne Kolodynski and Curtis Carter.


My husband and I unfortunately fell on difficult financial times due to several circumstances and when we already thought we had gone through the worst that life can throw at you, we endured the heart wrenching experience of losing our beautiful truck. Jon has his Class 1 driver license and drives a semi for which his run entails driving from Calgary to Vancouver starting on Mondays. He is away for the week, driving between BC and Edmonton Alberta. Jon has a very bad back and had surgery and while he was off for several months trying to heal, this is when things became difficult to maintain bills and payments. This of course, hurt the credit rating also. My salary, unfortunately is nowhere near what Jon was making as a driver. While on disability, Jon and I of course were forced to try and survive on a much lower income. We have 3 children, 2 of which are older and would help out as much as they could however, they as young adults had their own responsibilities to look after. We have worked so hard all our lives and we are at an age when things should be easier however we are now having to somewhat start over and rebuild. My husband and I thought we would never be able to rebuild credit or have the opportunity to drive a safe and reliable vehicle. We both were of the opinion that we would be spending endless money on an older vehicle in order for us to get to work. We met an individual at a dealership who referred us to Greg Carter and Trans Can Leasing.
We contacted Greg and explained our situation and from the very beginning Greg was friendly, courteous and professional. Greg took our information and immediately began the process to resolve our situation. From the very beginning, Greg not once made Jon and I feel like we were beneath everyone else or that we did not deserve a chance to start again. Greg, Curtis and Anne all worked on our file to help set up financing for a 2013 GMC Sierra with an interest rate that was reasonable and payments that were considerably lower than the payment we had for our previous vehicle. We were so shocked and surprised that this opportunity may actually become a reality due to our past circumstances. The process of providing the information to Greg, Anne and Curtis was easy and free of stress thanks to technology these days. Before long, we were advised that the paperwork was in place and we were approved. Our payments are half of what we were previously paying and the interest rate is far more reasonable than what previous dealerships were trying to offer. We are now the proud owners of a 2013 GMC Sierra and can enjoy our new truck while still feeling like we can breathe because the payments are not going to drown us.
I would highly recommend TransCan Leasing Corp and the team of Greg Carter, Curtis Carter and Anne Kolodynski to anyone and everyone. Our situation was unique and not the typical scenario that TransCan Leasing deals with and they still went above and beyond to try and help my husband and me. They accomplished this with flying colours!! Even at the last moment, when we were close to picking up our new truck we thought we may have hit a “snag” due to the small down payment that was required and once again, Anne quickly had a solution for this and everything proceeded full steam ahead for the delivery of our beautiful truck.
When others had turned their noses up and made Jon and I feel like there was no hope and that we had failed, Anne and Greg and Curtis gave us hope, encouragement and a sense that we were just as important as anyone else who has not had the misfortune of difficult situations. This team is amazing and the most professional group of individuals I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Even though our dealings were through computer or phone, Anne was so kind and friendly that you can literally hear her “Smile” through the phone.
Outstanding and I definitely encourage anyone who has had the misfortune of difficult times to not give up and give TransCan Leasing an opportunity to turn your life around – the same as they did for Jon and myself.


Lisa and Jon Stewart

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