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Program Introduction


The original mandate for TCL was to provide quality transportation at fair rates for people in bankruptcy or consumer proposal. There was a void in the marketplace as the only finance rates available offered high rates and short terms. This generally meant older vehicles that in many cases, would not last the length of the finance contract, requiring the customer to purchase another vehicle and roll-in negative equity. Customers wound up further and further behind!

Our approach is entirely different than traditional lenders, and our goal is to build a large dealer network to provide our unique financing products to as much of the market as possible. We still have the ability to use common-sense and actually talk to our dealers and work hard to try and help them make the deal — not turn deals away.

The staff at TCL welcomes you and looks forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship. Please review our Program details and contact us today at 1-844-684-2430 or info@transcanleasing.ca.

Greg Carter
Transcan Leasing Corp