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Program Details

Program Details

1. Great Rates — With rates ranging from 6.9% to 11.9%, we are competitive with major national lease companies

2. Quality Vehicles — Late-model pre-owned vehicles, up to 1-ton

3. Flexible Lease Terms — up to 60 months!

4. Close-end or “Walkaway” Leases – Options, not obligations!

5. Referrals back to Dealerships

TCL leases mostly late model preowned vehicles up to 1-ton. Our maximum term is 60 months and, our highest rate is 11.9%. Our leases are closed-end or “walkaway” leases. That means that the client has the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease – but not the obligation. For example, the standard “option to purchase” on a 5-year lease is approximately 20% of the original purchase price. In every case so far this has been well below market value – yielding POSITIVE equity for the client on lease termination.

Clients are referred back to their originating dealership to have the vehicle appraised at lease-end – providing the dealership with a customer on your showroom floor, in a positive equity position, looking for a new vehicle! Some dealerships treat us like their own in-house lease company – but non-recourse.

AND …….. If they have great payment history with us, we will provide them financing at even better rates – competitive with national lease companies.