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Lenders typically want 3 years of good auto payment history before attractive credit options and financing are available to you. Start building your auto payment history with us TODAY!

To apply is a simple process with easy instructions to begin your journey to a stress-free financial life. We have a discreet, simple and quick internal approval process. To check your eligibility, we need to know who you are, where you live, where you work, and your available cash for a monthly vehicle payment —-You could be driving your car tomorrow!


We do have a very unique program at TransCan Leasing Corp. and within this program we have added another resource to assist our clients in acquiring a quality vehicle with a reasonable monthly payment.   To support our clients, please ask us to see if you qualify for additional financing options to cover the upfront costs associated with your lease.



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Our internal approval process is quick and very simple. We can have it done in as little as two hours once all forms and related documents are provided. Follow our simple online application process. Plan ahead for the documents you will need to send – listed below, and if you have any questions or need help contact our office. We will gladly assist you anyway possible.

Credit Application (separate application for each spouse)
Completed general monthly budget (for household/family)
Proof of income (ie. pay stub, T-4, or Notice of Assessment)
Proof of residence (ie. hydro, or cell phone bill)
Copy of driver license(s)

We appreciate the fact that you are taking steps to gain control of your financial situation. Once you have scanned or faxed the required documents to us, we will begin working on finding you the best vehicle at the lowest price that makes total sense for your circumstances.


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